Trink Dairies Cornish Whole Non Homogenised Milk - 2 Litre – The Grow Box

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    Trink Dairies Cornish Whole Non Homogenised Milk - 2 Litre

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    Why choose Trink milk?

    One of the main differences is that Trink milk is gently pasteurised and extremely fresh.

    It is definitely not homogenised and is not standardised. This means that Trink milk has been less “processed” which helps to maintain the natural taste and texture. The fact that the milk is not homogenised means that the cream will rise to the top of the bottle, just like it always used to!  The fact that is it not standardised means that it retains the cream, flavour, texture and is less processed.

    Homogenisation means to process milk so that the fat droplets are emulsified and the cream does not separate.

    Standardising is where milk is separated into its cream and liquid components, and then re-blended to create the required amount of fat for whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed.

    Trink milk is extremely fresh with our pasteurising process starting within an hour of the cows being milked. Our milk only travels a few meters from the cow to the bottle.